Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran Hawks Prep Final Push to Dismantle Nuclear Deal

Trump allies want deal buried as reports indicate Iran has restarted sensitive nuclear work

Iranian President Hassan RouhaniAs Iran continues to ramp up its most contested nuclear work in violation of the landmark nuclear accord, Republican hawks in Congress are preparing a final push to destroy the deal and reimpose a set of biting sanctions that the Trump administration has balked on implementing in recent months, according to multiple officials familiar with the effort.

Iran Will Restart Contested Nuclear Work Unless Cash ‘Demands Are Met’

Tehran will keep violating nuclear accord until banking, oil rights restored

Iranian President Hassan RouhaniTop Iranian leaders issued a series of warnings on Tuesday, telling world leaders it is on the brink of restarting a significant portion of its most contested nuclear work, including the enrichment of uranium to prohibited levels that could be used as part of a weapons program.

If Not Maximum Pressure, Then What?

The Iran echo chamber does not provide a viable alternative

If the regime in Iran will not yield to maximum pressure, and if it is now trying to strengthen its negotiating position by inflicting a price on the U.S. and its allies, then how would less pressure be more likely to foster talks and serve American interests?