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Don of a New Age

REVIEW: 'Borgata: Rise of Empire: A History of the American Mafia' by Louis Ferrante

March 17, 2024

Exploits of the Ex-Presidents

REVIEW: 'Life After Power: Seven Presidents and Their Search for Purpose Beyond the White House' by Jared Cohen

March 10, 2024

Band of Bombers

REVIEW: 'Masters of the Air'

March 9, 2024

Why There's No Placating Putin

REVIEW: 'Riding the Tiger: Vladimir Putin's Russia and the Uses of War' by Leon Aron

February 18, 2024

The Legend From Little Round Top

REVIEW: ‘On Great Fields: The Life and Unlikely Heroism of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain’ by Ronald C. White

February 4, 2024

The Real Italian Job

REVIEW: 'The Savage Storm: The Battle for Italy 1943' by James Holland

February 4, 2024

Midwest Mystic or Manchurian Candidate?

REVIEW: 'The World That Wasn't: Henry Wallace and the Fate of the American Century' by Benn Steil

January 21, 2024

Shore To Please

REVIEW: 'The Once Upon a Time World: The Dark and Sparkling Story of the French Riviera'

January 7, 2024

How To Think About a Two-Incumbent Election

Column: Expect the unexpected when neither Republicans nor Democrats have an advantage

January 4, 2024