Health Care

Warren Relies on Rationing in Medicare for All Plan

Cost-cutting measures would likely lead to long wait-times, limited care

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D., Mass.) Medicare for All plan has been widely criticized for what many consider its unrealistic approach to raising revenue, but one expert told the Washington Free Beacon the bigger problem is that the plan pushes health care rationing to keep costs low.

Nonprofit Health Org at Center of ‘Million-Dollar Baby’ Controversy Is Run by (Highly Paid) Democratic Donors

Dignity Health billed its own employee $898,984 for her premature baby, denied appeals until ProPublica started asking questions

Top executives at Dignity Health, the nonprofit health care provider that stuck its own employee with a $900,000 bill for her premature baby, have donated extensively to Democratic candidates and committees over the years.

Biden: Warren’s A Liar

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Friday accused Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass) of making up the numbers for her recent Medicare for All cost estimate.