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George Washington University Says an Investigation Cleared It of Anti-Semitism. Why Won't It Release the Report?

Professor Lara Sheehi tweeted: 'FUCK ZIONISM, ZIONISTS, AND SETTLER COLONIALISM.' That's OK by GWU.  

March 30, 2023

Teachers at US-Funded Palestinian Schools Promote Hate and Violence Against Jews on Social Media, Report Finds

Teachers 'regularly call to murder Jews and create teaching materials that glorify terrorism,' report says

March 24, 2023

Biden Admin Awards Grant to Palestinian Activist Group Whose Leaders Hailed Terrorist as 'Hero Fighter'

Community Development and Continuing Education Institute board members also applauded Hamas missile attacks on Israel

March 3, 2023

Hamas Emerges as Newest Cyber Espionage Powerhouse

Terror group pivots online in new front to wage terror on Israel

November 11, 2022

Biden Admin Probed Over ‘Illegal Efforts to Undermine Israeli Sovereignty Over Jerusalem’

Legal group wants internal documents about U.S. funding for Palestinians

October 28, 2022

Meet the Cori Bush Activist Who Wants To Burn Jews Alive

Neveen Ayesh wants to 'set Israel on fire'

July 12, 2022