Gina McCarthy

How Obama’s Taxpayer-Funded ‘Clean Coal’ Project Could Kill EPA Regulations

Taxpayer-funded project’s financial woes could boost legal case against power plant emissions rules

coalA “clean coal” project with behind-the-scenes backing from top administration officials and nearly half a billion dollars in federal subsidies intended to support the case for stringent environmental regulation may instead show why those regulations are illegal.

Lawmakers Keep Heat on EPA After Massive Wastewater Spill

Colorado Senator requests oversight hearings; Arizona representative questions expanded EPA water authority

Hydrologic Technician Ryan Parker gathers water samples from the San Juan RiverThe Environmental Protection Agency apologized on Tuesday for leaking millions of gallons of wastewater into a Colorado river, but members of Congress from both parties say the agency needs to do more.

EPA Administrator Tells Rappers: ‘We Need You’

Gina McCarthy speaks at Broccoli festival in between rap performances

Gina McCarthyEPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told attendees of a music festival “we need you,” in between groups who rapped, “Looking at that white girl, trying to get that white money,” and “Got a super bad bitch, no ass, no tits, but I really do love her like shit.”