First Solar

CAP’s Conflicts of Interest

Liberal ‘think tank’ routinely argued in favor of policies benefitting its donors

Through lobbying, media, and public statements, the left-wing Center for American Progress (CAP) routinely used its influence to push for legislation that benefitted its major corporate donors, a Washington Free Beacon analysis has found.

Delta’s Dilemma

Delta launches suit against Export-Import Bank, arguing that bank hurts American businesses

Delta Air Lines launched a suit on Wednesday against the United States Export-Import Bank, alleging that the bank did not properly assess its impact on U.S. businesses when it financed purchases by foreign airlines, reported Bloomberg.

First Solar Furlough

Solar company that received billions in loan guarantees furloughs over 100 employees after CEO tells Congress his company is 'financially strong'

A politically connected, taxpayer-funded solar firm announced a massive round of furloughs on Friday, just weeks after its chairman told Congress his company was “financially strong.”

On the Brink

Another DOE-backed solar firm close to collapse

First Solar, the recipient of nearly $1.5 billion in taxpayer-financed grants and loans, appears to be on the brink of financial collapse.

Barry’s Bank

Obama wants Congress to expand controversial Export-Import Bank tied to bankrupt green energy companies

The Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im) is a little-known institution that has become a hot topic in Washington as Congress debates whether to extend its authorization and increase its lending capability. The bank is also a hotbed of crony capitalism—run by political donors for the benefit of political donors.

DOE May Have Cut Corners for $1.6 Billion First Solar Loan

GOP members say the Energy Department cut corners to approve a $1.6 billion loan to an Arizona solar firm with ties to the Obama administration. The inquiry into loans to First Solar, which both makes solar panels and assembles solar facilities, is the latest accusation in Republicans’ long-running investigation into the Energy Department’s green energy loan program.