GOP Senators to Venezuelan Generals: ‘You Have a Decision to Make’

Some lawmakers press Trump admin to re-designate Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, lift Helms-Burton waivers

Key Republicans on Capitol Hill are warning the Maduro government in Venezuela, as well as Cuba, that they could be officially designated as state sponsors of terrorism, a status that carries the harshest of U.S. sanctions.

Rubio: U.S. Should Do More to Hold Cuba Accountable for Sonic ‘Attacks’

'There should be no doubt that these attacks are not simply accidents'

Sen. Marco RubioSen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) said the United States should find additional ways to punish Cuba after the Canadian government confirmed that one of their diplomats assigned to Havana developed the same mysterious health problems that nearly two dozen U.S. personnel and other Canadian diplomats experienced.

Dem Consultants Tried to Erase Candidate’s Time in Cuba

Lisa Brown's media consultants tried to edit Wikipedia page

Lisa BrownThe media consultants for a Democratic congressional candidate in Washington recently attempted to edit her Wikipedia page to remove details about her time in Nicaragua and Cuba. Lisa Brown's D.C.- and Seattle-based media consultants, GMMB, appear to have tried to change her Wikipedia page last week.

Probe Clears State Dept of Wrongdoing in Cuba Sonic Attacks

Release of ARB findings does not include exact timeline of attacks

The State Department on Thursday formally cleared Obama and Trump administration officials from any wrongdoing in the lead-up and response to the still-unexplained sonic attacks in Cuba that harmed the health of at least 25 U.S. personnel, although it cited some problems with security staffing vacancies and communications "challenges."

Mother of ‘Brothers to The Rescue’ Victim Assails Ben Rhodes

Accuses Obama adviser of 'bragging' about his shuttle diplomacy with Cuba

The mother of one of four young American men killed by the Castro regime in 1996 is decrying new details of the secret shuttle diplomacy that preceded the Obama administration's rapprochement with Cuba, which a top Obama official revealed this week.