Kelli Market Is the Best Thing About CPAC

Since I live in Washington and work for a conservative publication, I guess I'm a little jaded. The enthusiasm that inspires thousands of conservative activists and students to flood National Harbor for CPAC is lost on me. For thousands of true believers, though, the event is mecca. Being a college student and Republican on a big college campus is a one-way ticket to social leprosy. Trust me, I know. But at CPAC we're free to let our freak flag fly. Coincidentally, CPAC falls during spring break this year. And instead of Alien, CRs have Ronny. And just like Selena Gomez, University of Toledo student Kelli Market never wants spring break to end.

The Donald Goes to CPAC

TV star and hotel magnate gives his thoughts on the state of America

“What the hell are we thinking?” wondered television star and hotel magnate Donald Trump as he regaled a ballroom of conservative activists on Friday.