Rock Band Imagine Dragons Asks CPAC to Stop Using Its Music

Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons / Getty


The alternative rock band Imagine Dragons said Thursday that it asked the Conservative Political Action Conference to stop using its music in promotions.

CPAC had been using Imagine Dragons' song "Whatever It Takes" on its website in promotions for its conference later this month, Mother Jones reported.

David Corn, the magazine's Washington bureau chief, sent Imagine Dragon's publicist an email asking for their thoughts on CPAC using their song. He also tweeted at the band, informing them that CPAC was using the music on its site.

The band responded disapprovingly on Twitter, writing "not cool" and telling Corn that they were reaching out to get the music taken down.

The conference's website no longer plays the song.

CPAC is set to take place in National Harbor, Maryland from Feb. 21-24. Several Republican elected officials are scheduled to speak, including President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas), among others. Prominent conservative pundits like Ben Shapiro, Michelle Malkin, and Mark Levin are also making appearances.

Graham Piro

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