BrightSource Energy


Transparency website is rather opaque

The website launched to track spending tied to the stimulus bill is riddled with incomplete data and excludes companies that have become politically inconvenient for the Obama Administration.

Commerce Secretary Investigated for Hit-and-Run

Former CEO of BrightSource Energy also under Congressional scrutiny

Commerce Secretary John Bryson is under investigation for his role in several auto accidents that occurred over the weekend that eventually left him unconscious behind the wheel, including an alleged felony hit-and-run.

Power Politics

Emails show direct link between White House and energy loans, GOP says

New emails obtained by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform show a direct link between the Department of Energy's controversial green energy loan program and the White House, Republicans on the committee said Wednesday.

Pacific Gas & Cronyism

Politically connected utility plays corporate bully, makes bank on green energy

President Obama’s aggressive green energy agenda has produced its fair share of winners. But few companies have more successfully cashed in on the flood of federal support for green energy than Pacific Gas & Electric.

Mean Green Killing Machines

Endangered species threatened by Obama’s clean energy policies

Wind turbines are decapitating golden eagles in California while federally financed solar projects threaten to kill hundreds of baby tortoises, disrupt protected kit fox populations, and potentially desecrate a Native American burial site—consequences that could have been avoided, experts say.