Losing Ground

United States behind Mauritius and Qatar in survey of worldwide economic freedom

The United States ranked 18th in a recent study on worldwide economic freedom, falling behind countries such as Finland, Chile, Mauritius, and Qatar.

Failed CEO to Praise Obama

Ousted CarMax CEO to stump for incumbent car czar president

CarMax cofounder and ousted CEO Austin Ligon will speak at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night to tout President Obama’s leadership, but Ligon’s own record has been marred by failures of leadership.

Bought and Paid For

Corporations pour $20M into DNC

Several corporations—including banks that accepted federal bailouts totaling in the billions—have contributed more than $20 million to fund the Democratic National Convention (DNC), according to a Bloomberg report.

From Janesville to Jilin

Government Motors opened plant in China four months after closing plant in Wisconsin

A bailed out General Motors expanded its small truck and SUV manufacturing in China soon after closing down similar facilities in Janesville, Wisconsin—the plant Barack Obama pledged to save and keep open for “another hundred years” in 2008.

Fiat Built That

Obama Touts Success of European-owned Chrysler

President Barack Obama is championing the profits of a European-owned carmaker as proof the auto bailout worked.

GM: Still $42B in the Hole

Taxpayers on the hook for billions despite Obama’s claims to the contrary

Despite President Barack Obama’s stories about a resurgent GM ready to repay its bailout tab, the automaker and its former bank still owe taxpayers nearly $42 billion, according to an inspector general’s report.

Donilon Double Dips

Top Obama aide Tom Donilon receives taxpayer salary plus six-figure pension from bailout recipient Fannie Mae, records show

National Security Adviser Tom Donilon collected more than $148,000 in pension payments from bailed out mortgage giant Fannie Mae in 2011, on top of his White House salary of $172,200, according to a Free Beacon analysis of White House personal financial disclosure forms.