U.S., Taliban to Sign Landmark Peace Deal to End War in Afghanistan

First step to ending 18-year war, officials says

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrives to the signing of a U.S.-Taliban agreement in the Qatari capital DohaThe Trump administration is poised to sign a landmark peace accord Saturday morning with the Taliban terrorist organization more than 18 years after the United States first entered Afghanistan following the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City.

U.S. Will Not Endorse Outcome of Contested Afghan Elections

Ashraf GhaniMore than a week after Afghanistan announced the results of hotly contested election that critics say was marred by corruption, the Trump administration is demanding a review of the outcome in comments likely to complicate his administration's efforts to foster a peace accord with the Taliban.

U.S., Taliban Agree to Landmark Ceasefire

Secretary of State Mike PompeoThe United States and the Taliban have reached a landmark agreement that will significantly reduce violence in Afghanistan and pave the way for the two sides to negotiate a peace deal that could bring the 18-year war in the country to a final end, the State Department announced on Friday.

Landmark Peace Pact With Taliban to Come Into Effect ‘Soon’

U.S. Marines in AfghanistanMUNICH, Germany—A tentative peace pact between the United States and the Taliban in Afghanistan will "very soon" be put into place in what U.S. officials are describing as a landmark move that could pave the way for a significant reduction in violence across the war torn country.

Pete Buttigieg Refuses to Answer Half of NYT Foreign Policy Survey

Former mayor did not answer a single question on China, U.S. cyber policy, NATO, or Afghanistan

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg refused to say whether he supports current levels of military aid to Israel or keeping troops in Afghanistan, two of the many important foreign policy questions he dodged in a New York Times survey.