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Report: 'Loneliness Epidemic' in America Not as Pronounced as Some Claim

Being part of a religious community, interacting regularly with neighbors are associated with lower levels of loneliness

February 5, 2019
African American church

Education, Military Service, Marriage Among Drivers of Black Men's Success

Report: more than half of black men have reached middle class

June 26, 2018

'Pushing Back on Iran': One Expert's Strategy to Confront the Islamic Republic

Analysis: Examining a robust proposal to stop Tehran's drive for preeminence in the Middle East

April 19, 2018

AEI Feminist Scholar: Feminism's Goal Today 'Is Not Equality With Men, It's Protection From Them'

Christina Hoff Sommers discusses intersectional feminism, Linda Sarsour, and how feminism has changed

April 23, 2017

Social Justice for Conservatives

Review: Arthur Brooks, ‘The Conservative Heart’

July 19, 2015