Wisconsin Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jobs Plan Plagiarizes From Former Candidates

Burke campaign blames consultant for flub

Mary Burke / AP

The jobs plan from Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke plagiarizes significant portions from three different former Democratic candidates for the same office.

A great deal of the plan was lifted word-for-word from the other candidates, BuzzFeed reported.

Large portions of Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke’s jobs plan for Wisconsin appear to be copied directly from the plans of three Democratic candidates who ran for governor in previous election cycles.

Burke’s economic plan "Invest for Success" copies nearly-verbatim sections from the jobs plans of Ward Cammack, who ran for Tennessee governor in 2009 before withdrawing from the race, a 2008 plan from Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, and John Gregg who ran for governor of Indiana in 2012 and lost to Mike Pence.

The Burke campaign has blamed a consultant for the copying.

A spokesman for the Burke campaign told BuzzFeed News an "expert" named Eric Schnurer who also worked on the other campaigns as responsible for the similar text, a case of self-plagiarism.

However, as BuzzFeed pointed out, Schnurer is not listed as an adviser to the campaign and is not cited anywhere in the plan.