Williams: Democrats Run the Risk of Looking Like ‘Hypocrites’ For Not Accepting Election Results

• December 18, 2016 11:03 am


Juan Williams told Fox News' Chris Wallace on Sunday that the Democrats run the risk of looking like "hypocrites" for undercutting the legitimacy of Donald Trump as president.

During the October presidential debate, Wallace had asked Hillary Clinton and Trump if they would accept the results of the election.

Trump had said that he would "leave people in suspense" while Clinton had shot back at Trump by saying that she was horrified by what was Trump was saying.

"There's no question that Democrats run the risk of looking like hypocrites," Williams said.

He went on to say, that in fairness, at the time the discussion was over voter fraud.

"Now we're dealing with something else and that is Russian interference in the democratic process," Williams said. "Do I think a coup is going to occur tomorrow? Absolutely not."

Clinton campaign chairman, John Podesta, has been spearheading a campaign for the electoral college vote to be pushed back until the members had received a briefing on Russia's interference in the election.

Organizations, such as and Citizens United for Change, have taken to television ads and begged the members of the electoral college to ignore the will of the people and to change their votes for Clinton.

Podesta also refused to say on Sunday's Meet the Press if he felt that the election was free and fair.

Members of the electoral college are set to vote in their state capitals on Monday.