Van Jones: Romney a ‘Douche’ in Last Debate

UPDATE: Jones apologizes: 'Very poor choice of words and I regret it'

Update (6:53 p.m.): Jones apologized on air Tuesday evening. "I just wanted to say, listen, I want to apologize to you, the CNN audience, and to Gov. Romney himself–very poor choice of words and I regret it," Jones said. "I apologize."

Former White House green jobs czar Van Jones said Mitt Romney acted "kind of like a douche" during the first presidential debate, in a CNN panel Tuesday.

VAN JONES: I think if you're in a situation — this is kind of basic. You had two guys up there: One was acting kind of like a douche, and one was acting kind of like a wimp. And between a wimp and a douche–

GLORIA BORGER: Those are strong words, Van.

JONES: Those are strong words, but — if that's the divide, I think people are going to want somebody who seems like the stronger leader, even if they were a little obnoxious. I think what you're going to see now is who's the real guy.

BORGER: You're saying Romney was obnoxious?

JONES: I thought that Romney did well for himself, but he was really obnoxious, very aggressive. For some women, you'd think that would be a turn-off, but if somebody is showing them, was showing the level of strength that he was showing, I think was the basis of the appeal.