Todd: Bill Clinton ‘Annoyed’ More Party Surrogates Aren’t Defending Hillary

NBC's Chuck Todd reported that former president Bill Clinton is growing "annoyed" that more party surrogates are not defending Hillary Clinton over the private email scandal that has rocked her approval numbers and tightened up the Democratic presidential race.

Today co-host Willie Geist said Tuesday that Clinton surrogates view the email story as a media-driven saga, but he asked Todd if many in the campaign now view the scandal as a real problem.

Todd said Clinton's camp recognizes it has a "perception problem" with Democratic Party elites, who feel they are not getting adequate answers from the campaign to defend her conduct.

"They feel as if the campaign isn't giving them the explanations that they need, and so there has definitely been some internal friction—some of it led by former President Clinton, who is just annoyed that there aren't more surrogates out there defending Hillary Clinton on this," Todd said. "I think you're going to see a little bit of an attempt by the campaign to appease nervous Democrats."