ThinkProgress Editor Wonders Why Trump Didn’t Try to Send Vegas Shooter to Gitmo

Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba / Getty Images

A ThinkProgress editor was not happy about President Donald Trump's threat to send the suspect in Tuesday's terrorist attack in New York City to the Guantanamo Bay military prison.

"I would certainly consider it. Send him to Gitmo," Trump said Wednesday when asked about sending the suspect to the U.S. base in Cuba. "I would certainly consider it."

Trump's comment angered ThinkProgress‘ Elham Khatami, who wondered why the president did not say the same of the Las Vegas mass shooter, who killed 58 people last month.

The primary reason Trump did not do so was because the shooter, Stephen Paddock, was killed on the scene.

Khatami's tweet was eventually deleted, but not before critics pointed out the obvious.

But even after deleting her tweet, Khatami doubled down and said that the "point still stands."