Scarborough on Hot Mic Suggests Trump Isn’t Christian

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough suggested Wednesday morning that President Donald Trump is not a Christian as "Morning Joe" went to a commercial break.

After spending much of the show criticizing Trump's proposed budget, the show went to a commercial break. Co-host Mika Brzezinski said that after the break they would discuss Trump's visit that morning with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

"Coming up, they didn't actually see eye to eye during the presidential campaign, so what happened during Donald Trump's meeting today with Pope Francis?" Brzezinski said. "We'll go through that and what drove them apart in the first place, straight ahead on ‘Morning Joe.'"

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As Brzezinski finished speaking, music began to play and get louder. That is when Scarborough appeared to criticize Trump and imply that he is not a Christian.

"Oh, the Pope's Christian," Scarborough said in an apparent reference to the differences between the Pope and Trump.

Trump memorably feuded with the Pope last year when the religious leader suggested anyone who focused on "building walls" is "not Christian." Trump, who campaigned on building a southern border wall, shot back that to question his faith was "disgraceful."