Sachs: Clintons ‘In Utter Pursuit of Money All The Time’

Liberal economist Jeffrey Sachs remarked Bill and Hillary Clinton are in "utter pursuit of money" practically "all the time" Thursday night on MSNBC's The Last Word during a discussion of dark money politics.

"They are the ultimate schmoozers," he said. "Bill Clinton's the one that opened the Democratic Party to Wall Street, really wrecked the party in ideological terms, I would say, and created a lot of the mischief that led here. Now we see how just frankly in utter pursuit of money they are all the time, so they're vulnerable."

The Clintons have racked up more than $130 million in speaking engagements alone since leaving the White House in 2001, and they face charges of doing favors for people that donated to the Clinton Foundation.

Mother Jones writer David Corn added that Hillary Clinton knew she was vulnerable when it came to big money hypocrisy and would address it.