Pro-Clinton Super PAC Funnels $1M Toward Combatting Social Media ‘Attackers’

Hillary Rodham Clinton
• April 22, 2016 10:36 am


A Super PAC backing Hillary Clinton’s presidential run is pouring $1 million into an effort aimed at combatting "attackers" on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram.

Correct the Record announced its "Barrier Breakers" project in a press release Thursday, noting that its "rapid response team" has already confronted 5,000 people who have "personally attacked" Clinton on Twitter.

"Anonymous online attacks, from both sides of the political spectrum, have sought to spread lies and misleading narratives about [Clinton]," the statement said. "Hillary’s supporters are more enthusiastic than Sen. Bernie Sanders’ supporters, yet oftentimes are discouraged from engaging online and are ‘often afraid to voice their thoughts’ because of the fear of online harassment."

The group specifically highlights harassment of Clinton’s female supporters through "intense cyber-bullying and sexist attacks" from anonymous users.

The PAC was launched last May 2015 under the direction of long-time Clinton-ally David Brock. The group has already spent $4.5 million of the $5.1 million its raised this year, according to FEC filings reported by OpenSecrets.

Correct the Record said in its press release that "lessons learned" from online interaction with "Bernie Bros" during the primary election spurred its creation. Its task force will work to "forcefully" push back against "negative attacks and false narratives," the group said.

The digital team will also "serve as a resource for supporters looking for positive content and push-back to share with their online progressive communities, as well as thanking prominent supporters and committed superdelegates on social media."

The Daily Beast reported Thursday that Reddit users have begun noticing Correct the Record’s presence.

"This explains why my inbox turned to cancer on Tuesday," Reddit user OKarizee wrote. "Been a member of Reddit for almost 4 years and never experienced anything like it. In fact, in all my years on the Internet, I’ve never experienced anything like it."

The PAC said once the general election approaches, it would begin circulating pro-Clinton material to Sanders backers in the hopes of shifting support.

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