Pro-Clinton PAC Founder Says There Should Be No PACs

• September 30, 2016 3:59 pm


Hollywood director Joss Whedon, founder of the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC Save the Day, knocked "big money" and super PACs on Friday, saying they do not have a place in elections.

Whedon released a star-studded video to launch his super PAC in late September. He also donated one million dollars to help Clinton beat Donald Trump.

Whedon spoke with MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts to promote his new PAC while arguing such organizations should have no role in elections.

"What’s your feeling about too much big money flowing in from certain people?" Roberts asked, noting that "Donald Trump’s big message has been: I don’t need the Hollywood elites and those types of big players."

"That kind of works against folks and Hillary Clinton, and what you are trying to do to get people to support her," Roberts added.

"Well, what I am trying to do is very public, obviously. Everything that we do is out there for people to see, and we are very clear that this is us telling you how we feel about this process," Whedon said.

"It is not dark money sneaking in unannounced. I don’t think there should be super PACS. I think there is too much money," the founder of the Save the Day super PAC said.

"Like, if we could get Hillary Clinton in the White House and overturn Citizens United, it takes some of the money out of politics and out of that campaign, I think it would be great."

Without pressing Whedon further, Roberts rounded out the interview with the hard-hitting question, "Is Sarah Michelle Gellar and yourself ever going to do a movie with Buffy the Vampire Slayer?"

"Well it sounds like a good idea to me," said Whedon, who directed the television show.