NYT Reporter: Clinton’s Problem Is the FBI, Not Republicans


New York Times reporter Peter Baker rebuked Hillary Clinton's rhetoric over the weekend about Republicans politicizing her private email scandal, suggesting on CNN Sunday that it was the FBI that should be really on Clinton's mind.

The Obama administration announced Friday it could not release 22 of Clinton's emails from her private server because they were top-secret, while Clinton maintained her line that those emails were not marked classified when they were sent or received, a statement columnist Ron Fournier remarked was "irrelevant." The Washington Free Beacon reported Clinton signed a non-disclosure agreement laying out criminal penalties for any mishandling of classified information as secretary of state.

"I take classified information really seriously," Clinton said on Saturday. "I just think that if the Republicans want to use this for political purposes, that's their decision."

King pointed out this was an Obama administration decision, and MSNBC legal correspondent Ari Melber noted on Friday that the administration has prosecuted people for mishandling classified material. Also, the Inspector General of the intelligence community is not a Republican appointee.

"Her problem at this point is not the Republicans," Baker said. "Her problem is the FBI and the Obama Justice Department. What Democrats are quietly, absolutely petrified about is that come summer, you find an indictment of people around her, of her, a request for a special prosecutor, something that just basically turns this into a complete disaster for the Democrats in which it's too late to change horses."

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