NBC Charlotte: DNC Move Will Hurt Concord Economy

• June 26, 2012 1:40 pm


ANCHOR: The Democratic National Convention is now moving to Uptown. The host committee originally planned this big party to be at charlotte motor speedway, but they have since changed their mind. Richard DeVayne has been tracking the story at its very latest.

RICHARD DEVAYNE: Like most days, Larry Donahue grabbed a bite to eat at the Parkway House in Concord, just up the road from the Charlotte Motor Speedway. He said the host committee’s plan to move the Labor Day event from the Motor Speedway may be a case of DNC host committee biting off more than they can chew.

LARRY DONAHUE: People are definitely going to be affected, because of the fact that they’re not going to be here tipping.

WOMAN: It's going to affect the economy. That could have been a lot of money in for the city of concord.

DEVAYNE: Like here at the Parkway House, where more customers equals more money and that meant more tips.

WAITRESS: We had more people scheduled to work. Now we don’t have to do that.

DEVAYNE: Now the Labor Day event, which was planned to celebrate the Carolinas and workers, will instead be a celebration that takes place in Charlotte.

SPEEDWAY REPRESENTATIVE: We’re certainly disappointed we were looking forward to hosting the kick off event for the Democratic National Convention.

DEVAYNE: And with its hotels and restaurants, Concord will still gain some money but not the windfall the Labor Day event will admit.

PARKWAY HOUSE EMPLOYEE: We’re still going to get something from it.

DEVAYNE: Just not as much as you’d like?

PARKWAY HOUSE EMPLOYEE: Just not as much as we would like.