MSNBC Host Says He Doesn’t Want to ‘Deal With’ or Discuss Anthony Weiner Scandal

• August 29, 2016 2:32 pm


MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts voiced his discomfort with discussing the latest Anthony Weiner sexting scandal on Monday, telling his panel at the outset that it was not a subject he wanted to talk about or "deal with."

The New York Post published photos Sunday night that Weiner traded over time with a "busty brunette" who was not his wife. In one explicit picture, his young son is lying next to him in bed while he was sexting with the woman. His wife, longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, announced Monday she was separating from Weiner, a former Democratic congressman representing New York.

Roberts, while introducing Washington Post writer Jonathan Capehart and New York Times writer Nicholas Confessore on Monday afternoon, confessed his dislike at talking about the embarrassing subject for the Democratic presidential candidate's confidante.

"Gentlemen, good to have you with me," Roberts said. "Not the type of subject that most of us probably want to be talking about today, having to deal with this."

Weiner resigned his seat in Congress over a sexting scandal in 2011 that he initially denied, and his 2013 New York City mayoral bid also fell apart when it was revealed he was still up to his old habits.