Mitchell Calls Out Fallon for Claiming Campaign Released Health Report Immediately After Examination

• September 12, 2016 1:09 pm


MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell called out Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon for claiming Monday that Hillary Clinton’s health report was released immediately after she was examined Sunday following her fainting spell.

Fallon was discussing what happened to Clinton as she was escorted to her daughter’s apartment in New York City, saying it was Clinton’s preference to go to Chelsea’s apartment and that Clinton kept saying she was alright.

"Believe me, she was telling everybody in earshot that she was perfectly fine. We did make immediate attempts to get in touch with her physician, and so that’s why her physician was able to visit her soon after at her home a little bit later in the day," Fallon said. "And then as soon as that visit happened, she confirmed that it was the pneumonia that was likely causing the dehydration that caused her to feel overheated earlier in the day, and we put that statement out from her physician as soon as that exam was performed."

"As soon as that exam was performed? Because it was eight hours after the initial illness or feeling of dehydration," Mitchell said. "Eight hours, it was after 5:00, and that was almost, so 48 hours after the initial diagnosis of pneumonia."

Clinton has cancelled a visit to the West Coast in order to rest in New York.