Michigan Democrats Not Optimistic About 2020 Chances

Castro supporter 'really afraid' of the 2020 election

• July 30, 2019 11:20 am


CNN asked six likely Democratic voters on Tuesday if they were optimistic about a Democrat defeating President Donald Trump in 2020, but only one woman raised her hand to say yes.

The focus group, which consisted of five Democrats and a Democratic-leaning Independent, discussed their preferred Democratic candidates before CNN's New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota asked them if they were optimistic about the eventual Democratic nominee's chances against Trump.

When asked why they weren't optimistic, one of the women, who is leaning towards supporting Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) for president, said Trump won on "blind optimism" in 2016.

"We really need a candidate that is going to increase Democratic turnout and not a candidate that is going to try to convince Trump voters to vote for them because it's not going to happen," the woman said.

Another man, who said he likes Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro, said he is "really afraid" of the next election. He said he believes the Democratic nominee will try to run as a moderate in the general election thinking this strategy will increase the party's base, but said this strategy will cause progressive voters to lose energy to get out and vote.

"We are fighting for what is America and what does America stand for? You've got to have passion about that. If we don't, we're lost," said the only woman who optimistic about defeating Trump in 2020.

Bloomberg published a piece on Monday titled "Democrats Have an Uphill Climb to Win Back Michigan From Trump," which noted how State and local officials were advising Democratic presidential candidates about the importance of showing up to the state with clear messages on health care, jobs, and trade.

While unemployment is higher in Michigan than the national rate, a recent poll  from the Detroit Regional Chamber found 62 percent of likely Michigan voters believe the state economy is on the right track, Bloomberg reported.