Michael Wolff Cancels BBC Interview Because ‘The Tour Has Taken Its Toll’

Michael Wolff / Getty Images
• February 27, 2018 3:39 pm


Author Michael Wolff canceled a recent interview on BBC's "Beyond 100 Days" because his ongoing book tour "has taken its toll."

Christian Fraser, a host with the BBC program, told the Washington Post on Tuesday that a public relations individual close to Wolff, the author of  the controversial book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, contacted him and said that the author needs a break.

"Unfortunately Michael Wolff is having to cancel interview this afternoon," the public relations individual, who is representing Wolff in the United Kingdom, wrote in an email to a contact at the BBC. "Huge apologies but the tour has taken its toll and he needs to rest today. I hope we can resurrect this in the future."

Fraser said that Wolff appeared on host Andrew Marr's BBC program ahead of the scheduled "Beyond 100 Days" interview.

Wolff's cancellation followed his interview Sunday with the Australian "Today Show," which he walking out of after claiming that he could not hear a question about his accusation that President Donald Trump is having an affair while in office.

Wolff had spread the rumor that Trump is having an affair with U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, who has said that the rumor is "absolutely not true."

"You said during a TV interview just last month that you are absolutely sure that Donald Trump is currently having an affair while president behind the back of the first lady, and I'll repeat, you said you were ‘absolutely sure,'" host Ben Fordham said to Wolff. "Just last week, however, you backflipped and said, ‘I do not know if the president is having an affair.' Do you owe the president and the first lady an apology, Mr. Wolff?"

Wolf claimed that he could not hear the question, prompting  Fordham to repeat his question to Wolff. The author said that he still could not hear anything in his earpiece.

"We've got an update for you on our interview with @MichaelWolffNYC. Footage from our London studio would suggest that there were no audio problems and Wolff had no problem hearing @BenFordham's question! #9Today," the show's Twitter account said after the interview.

Wolff first suggested Trump is having an affair with Haley during a January appearance on the HBO program "Real Time With Bill Maher," saying readers just need to read between the lines of his best-selling book.

Haley called the rumor "highly offensive" and "disgusting."