Kickstarter Campaign for Elizabeth Warren Action Figure Reaches Goal on Day One

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) / Getty Images

Product design company FCTRY launched a Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday to produce action figures of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.).

The Kickstarter campaign set its fundraising goal at $15,000 and was going to let the project run through July 7.  As of early Tuesday afternoon, more than 600 people donated over $18,000.

The Warren action figure wears a bright red blazer, rimless glasses, and appears to be shaking her first, the Boston Globe reported.

His Democratic political leanings clear, Jason Feinberg, CEO and creative director of FCTRY, describes the Warren action figure’s stance as "full defiant hero mode." Her collar is popped. Her tailored red jacket has two practical pockets. She wears a grin, and a gold pin on her lapel.

"We’re really focusing on what she’s been focusing on," Feinberg said in a phone interview. "On the concept of fighting. Fight back. She’s a very positive fighter."

On the side of the box are three words made famous in February, when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned — and then silenced — Warren during a speech she was giving: "Nevertheless," McConnell said, "she persisted." Twitter went wild, turning the phrase into a mantra of female empowerment. Feinberg said that moment was the biggest inspiration for the action figure.

Warren is not the only political action figure that the production company has designed, as they have released figures of President Donald Trump, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), and Hillary Clinton.

FCTRY was not the only company producing political themed toys before the 2016 election: Lil' Bernie dolls were sold online by Emily Engel of Ludlow, who often had to stay up through the night to keep up with all the orders, according to the Globe.

FCTRY rolled out its Clinton action figure, in a powder blue pantsuit, with a Kickstarter campaign, then followed with a Sanders figure.

Both raised money for the candidates’ respective campaigns.

But when the company decided to produce a Trump figure, the approach was quite different. That figure was designed as "a villain," Feinberg wrote in a Jan. 30 post on Medium.

The Trump action figure wears a long, red tie. His hair is removable. His middle finger is extended. According to Feinberg, the company donated $5,000 from those early Trump figurine sales to Border Angels, a nonprofit that helps immigrants survive the journey across the US-Mexico border. He wrote that the company planned to stop selling the figure once the election was over.