Kerrey Repeatedly Criticizes Clinton’s Email Server

Bob Kerrey / AP


Former Sen. Bob Kerrey (D., Neb.), a former presidential candidate and currently a supporter of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, criticized her use of her private email server in a series of interviews, including one with the Omaha World-Herald.

Current law requires federal officials to preserve documents and correspondence from their time in government so that they may be turned over to the public possibly. Kerry referenced this while commenting on why Clinton may have used a private email server.

"I have no doubt that this server was set up so that the secretary wouldn’t have to submit to that law," Kerrey said.

Nevertheless, Kerrey supports her campaign.

"I support her as a consequence of her positions on the issues. I support her as a consequence of her competency. She made a mistake here. I’ve made plenty myself."

Kerrey also appeared in an interview on Fox Business Network on March 31 where he criticized Clinton's handling of the emails.

"It's never good to have the FBI in possession of your server, checking out what's in it, that's never a good set of circumstances," Kerrey said.

"Even if you're not running for president, if you're running for president, it's not good to have that going on. And in this particular case, I do think she's got a very difficult time explaining why you put a server in your home. And my own view of it is, it's because you didn't want to fulfill requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act, especially the Freedom of Information Act.

"I have no opinion as to whether or not this is going to end up with a criminal indictment. Who knows?"

The FBI is currently investigating Clinton and her staff from when she was Secretary of State over the setup and maintenance of her private server. They will give their recommendations to the Department of Justice if they believe that Clinton should face criminal charges. The Department of State recently halted its internal investigation so as not to impede the FBI's investigation.

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