Kasich: ‘I Ought To Be Running in the Democrat Primary’

Ohio Gov. John Kasich joked that he should run in the Democratic primary instead of the GOP one after a Democrat in New Hampshire told Kasich he was the only Republican he'd consider supporting, CBS reported Saturday.

"I ought to be running in the Democrat primary, I got more Democrats for me," Kasich said. "You have any Republican friends?"

CBS reported:

Later on, he became the first candidate to hit the 100-town-hall milestone in New Hampshire, which was celebrated at a crowded town hall on Friday night with "funfetti show" machine and Market Basket sheet cakes. The White Stripes rock song "Seven Nation Army" blared as Kasich bounded onto the stage after an introduction from Mike Vrabel, a former New England Patriots linebacker.

"That has never happened before in American history," Kasich remarked about the indie hit being played at a Republican town hall.

"New Hampshire has changed me," he said, taking a moment to reflect.g

"Everyone is beginning to talk about Kasich running a positive campaign, can it work? It would be really cool if it worked. And it if it doesn't, I'm blaming all of you," he joked.

Kasich also joked with a ballot counter that he came across:

During a stop at Manchester's Puritan Backroom Restaurant, Kasich made his way through a swarm of fans.

"Can't you just stuff the ballot for me?" Kasich joked to a woman who told him she was a ballot counter.

"I won't tell anyone — consider it done," she replied back to him.