Johnson: Impeachment a Losing Bet for Democrats

Washington Free Beacon editor in chief Eliana Johnson on Sunday said impeachment is a losing bet for Democrats as support has fallen since the public hearings before Congress began.

"It's looking like a losing bet at this point," Johnson told NBC.

"Americans tend not to care a whole lot about foreign policy. I think it was risky for Democrats to pursue impeachment on a question of foreign policy," Johnson said. "Over the past week alone support for impeachment among independents has dropped 7 points."

NBC's Meet the Press host Chuck Todd asked Johnson why it seemed like the two parties talk past each other when it comes to impeachment.

Johnson said Republicans and Democrats are "choosing to emphasize different things."

Swing state polls on impeachment indicate it may not be a winning political issue for Democrats. Support for impeachment in the important swing state of Wisconsin fell in the latest Marquette University Law School poll. Fifty-three percent of voters said they are not supportive of the impeachment and removal of Trump, while 44 percent said they do support impeachment.