John Dickerson: ‘Not Good’ for Hillary That Announcement Date ‘Treated Like a Royal Birth’

Democratic strategists are worried as it becomes more and more clear that no Democrats are willing to challenge Hillary Clinton for the presidential nomination.

"If you're being criticized for being part of coronation, it's not good to have your announcement date treated like a royal birth," Slate‘s John Dickerson said.

With Warren saying she will not run and Biden as a major underdog if he does run, Clinton allies fear that a pedestrian primary will hurt the former first lady and secretary of state.

While Republicans will have a heavily covered primary with nine nationally televised debates, it will be difficult for Clinton to get her message out.

Word from Hillary world is that she may not officially announce her candidacy for president until later this summer. The decision to delay making it official is based around Hillary Clinton needing more time to develop her campaign message. She still does not have a story to run on.

It was not a unanimous decision among Clinton’s advisers though. Many in Clinton’s camp said they believe delaying her candidacy will be seen as an arrogant move that will only further the assumption that she is being handed the nomination.