Howard Fineman: Hillary’s ‘Dead Broke’ Comment ‘Disastrous’

Fineman: Hillary's remarks were 'probably offensive to even some Democrats'

Howard Fineman of the Huffington Post called Hillary Clinton’s comments Monday, describing herself as "dead broke" when she left the White House, "disastrous."

Fineman also said her use of the word "struggle" "was probably offensive to even some Democrats who otherwise adore her. That's why she was back on TV trying to dig herself out of that."

"I mean, the fact is that she had an $8 million book advance waiting for her in the offing," Fineman said, "They had two houses, one on a very fancy street in Washington, one in Chappaqua. They were bankable stars to say the least."

Although Fineman does not think this will define her candidacy, he characterized it as "a way to sort of stumble on what was a carefully, if not obsessively, planned book tour right on the first day."