Hillary Grants Interview to Brother of Top Fundraiser

Still won't talk to Megyn Kelly

• April 6, 2016 1:44 pm


Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton granted a live interview Wednesday with CNN's Chris Cuomo, the brother of one of her top fundraisers.

Cuomo did not disclose to viewers prior to his interview with Clinton that his brother Andrew is the Democratic governor of New York. He also did not mention Andrew has endorsed Hillary Clinton, raised money for her and appeared alongside her in Manhattan two days ago.

Andrew Cuomo was housing secretary under President Bill Clinton and campaigned for Hillary in 2000 during her run for the U.S. Senate. He also campaigned for her failed presidential bid in 2008.

Clinton and Andrew Cuomo came together for a celebratory rally on Monday for the minimum-wage hike he signed into law, The New York Daily News reports:

Despite her cheerleading on behalf of low-income workers, Hillary Clinton has done minimal work on the minimum wage, her presidential rival’s camp said Monday.

Clinton joined Gov. Cuomo on Monday at a celebratory rally at the Javits Center as he signed a minimum-wage hike to $15 an hour in much of the state.

But her Democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, said she was just jumping on the bandwagon.

As Clinton joined Cuomo’s wage hike celebration just two weeks before the state’s crucial primary election, a spokesman for Sanders chided her for not fully committing to a similar minimum wage for workers across the country.

"She has in this instance, as others, tried to pose as someone who is sympathetic to the idea of a $15 (national) minimum wage without actually being sympathetic to it," said Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs.

Clinton tends to prefer journalists more likely to be sympathetic. For instance, Clinton praised Fox News host Megyn Kelly as "superb" during an appearance on The View on Tuesday. However, she has never gone on Kelly's popular program for an interview.