Hillary Clinton’s Favorability Numbers at the Lowest Since 1992

• October 12, 2015 9:32 am


A new CBS News poll released the day before the first Democratic Party debate shows that Hillary Clinton's favorability numbers are the lowest they have been since 1992. The poll also showed that her lead against her competitors has dropped slightly in recent months.

Clinton currently leads Senator Bernie Sander (I., VT) by 19 points nationwide but is down 12 since August. Her favorability is down 20 points, at 58 percent, and puts her in third, with Vice President Joe Biden in first. Biden has yet to announce his candidacy but still has the opportunity to join the debate stage Tuesday evening. CBS began polling Clinton's favorability in 1992.

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough said it is very rare to see a favorability number so low for a candidate who is the front runner.

"You don't really see that in front runners the year before the election," Scarborough said.

New York Times political reporter Jeremy Peters said that you see it in the Republican party as well as the Democratic party. He said the base of each political party view the front runners in a negative fashion.

Peters said the most defining moment for the Clinton campaign is not going to be the debate but when she goes before Congress to testify on the terrorist attacks in Benghazi.

"One thing that is big news for Hillary later this month is the Benghazi panel," Peters said. "She is going to be testifying before Congress and I think this maybe more so than the debate has a moment to be very defining ion her candidacy."

Mika Brzezinski agreed and added that what comes out of the panel could help her.

"This is going to be huge. How they handle her, how she handles them, and what comes out of it. The theatrics of it could help her," Brzezinski said.