Hillary Clinton: ‘I Come from the ’60s, Long Time Ago’

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reminded the debate audience Saturday night of her advanced age, saying, "I come from the '60s" in response to a question about student activism.

CBS moderator John Dickerson asked Clinton about the wave of college student activism and what she thought of the protests at Missouri that ousted its president.

"Recently at the University of Missouri, that activism was very, very effective, so would you suggest that kind of activism take place at other universities across the country?" Dickerson asked.

"Well, John, I come from the '60s," Clinton said. "Long time ago. There was a lot of activism on campus. Civil rights activism, anti-war activism, women's rights activism. I do appreciate the way young people are standing up and speaking out. Obviously, I believe that on a college campus there should be enough respect so people hear each other, but what happened at the university there, what's happening at other universities, I think reflects the deep sense of concern, even despair, that so many young people, particularly of color, have."

Clinton went on to list families of victims of gun violence she had met with in her answer, saying every child needed to be allowed to live up to their God-given potential.

Clinton, who is 68, would be one of the oldest presidents in history upon taking office if she is elected in 2016. In fact, she would be historically older than many prominent world leaders throughout history, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.