Hillary Clinton Abandons Brooklyn Hipsters; Works Out Of Manhattan Office

June 23, 2015

Hillary Clinton appeared at her campaign’s Brooklyn headquarters months ago and the media gushed over her picking the hipster-haven as her central command center.

She hasn’t been back since. This was the first and only time Clinton has stepped foot in that office since the heavily talked about moment, Politico reports.

Instead, she’s been working out of office space on 45th Street in New York City along with 10 to 15 staffers and interns. The office space sits near Times Square, between Broadway and the Avenue of the Americas.

Conveniently located at the bottom of Tower 45 is a Bobby Van’s Steakhouse, where Clinton or staff members can dine on fine lunch options including a $25 lobster cobb salad or a 16 ounce prime New York sirloin for $50.

Clinton and company may make some good friends within the building, as another large leaser is D.E. Shaw Research, a biochemistry firm run by David E. Shaw. Shaw has been a very generous donor to Democrats, ranking as the 36th top individual donating to Super PACs in 2012 – giving $1.38 million to Priorities USA Action and another $450,000 to Majority PAC. In 2014, Shaw gave another $650,000 to liberal Super PACs.

The cost of the Manhattan office is not yet known. Other nearby units rent for around $70 per square foot. Politico ballparks the 4,000 square foot office to run in the $25,000 per month range.

Despite Clinton abandoning the Brooklyn office, other members of her campaign reportedly still use the location.