Highlights of Tucker Carlson’s Crazy Interview with Kurt Eichenwald

Investigative reporter Kurt Eichenwald had something like a meltdown on Tucker Carlson's Fox News program Thursday night.

In response to repeated questions from Carlson to substantiate his tweeted allegation that President-elect Donald Trump spent time in a mental hospital in 1990, Eichenwald strangely claimed over and over that he wasn't being allowed time to answer the question.

He was, and he also complained that they were wasting time, but Eichenwald never gave any reasoning behind his claim despite having nearly ten minutes to do so.

At the end of this strange back-and-forth with Carlson, Eichenwald then went into a tangent about the CIA that left the host utterly baffled.

"This is a little nutty!" Carlson said at one point.