GOP Releases ‘Stop Hillary’ Ad Targeting Battleground States

• April 10, 2015 8:45 am


In anticipation of Hillary Clinton’s expected presidential announcement this weekend, the RNC is launching a paid online ad campaign to welcome her into the race.

The ad, called "Stop Hillary" uses media sound bites to air a list of Clinton scandals. The video shows a female figure walking in the dark from behind stage to a platform where she is expected to make a speech.

A voiceover introduces the woman to the crowd, saying, "Please join me in welcoming Hillary Rodham Clinton!" The ad then takes a turn.

"Hillary Clinton has some explaining to do," John King says.

The ad first hits Clinton on her most recent scandal: her use of a private e-mail account run on a private server rather than a government account hosted on State servers, which allowed Clinton to control which of her e-mails became public record.

"Used her personal e-mail account to conduct official business," Rachel Maddow says.

The GOP then hits Clinton on her time as Secretary of State, specifically the Russian reset that wasn’t.

The RNC used a quote from Clinton where she calls accepting money from foreign governments "a potentially catastrophic move".

The ad then charges Clinton for lying about coming under sniper fire while on a trip to Bosnia as first lady.

The strikes keep coming, with the GOP reminding voters about the Benghazi scandal. Clinton’s own voice is used, saying, "What difference, at this point, does it make?"

The GOP will be will air the ad in the swing states Clinton is likely to visit in days following her candidacy announcement.

"This is just par for the course for the Clintons. They're always a little bit secretive," the ad closes.

(h/t Weekly Standard)

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