George Soros Smacked by Actress Ex-Girlfriend

George Soros and Adriana Ferreyr / Splash News
February 11, 2014

Tempers flared during a Tuesday deposition between billionaire George Soros and his South American soap actress ex-girlfriend, causing her to strike him in the head, according to court papers.

Adriana Ferreyr grew angry at Soros, 83, after he refused to allow her to film the deposition.

She struck Soros in the head, knocking off the headphones he was using to amplify the sound during the deposition, according to a news account. She also knocked the glasses off of Soros’ lawyer Martin Singer, slapped Soros aide Jose Santos across the face, and kicked him in the shins.

The incident occurred in the hallway as the lawyers broke for lunch, according to the New York Daily News.

When the lawyers agreed at 1 p.m. to break for lunch, Singer said, Ferreyr "suddenly and without warning ... lunged at Mr. Soros -- who is 83 years old -- and struck his head with her hands, knocking off the headphones he was wearing to amplify the audio in the room."

"Ms. Ferreyr pulled back her arm to strike Mr. Soros in the face. I was able to grab both of (her) arms to move her away. ... I let go of her arms. Ms. Ferreyr immediately swung at my face, knocking off my glasses."

Ferreyr, who is suing Soros for reneging on a promise to give her a $1.9 million Upper East Condo that he instead gave to his new wife, called Soros an "asshole" and a "piece of shit," according to the report.