From the NFL to the Speaker’s Office: Fox News Sunday Profiles Ex-Lineman Turned Paul Ryan Staffer

"Fox News Sunday" profiled a former NFL offensive lineman turned staffer for House Speaker Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) on Sunday's program.

"What I do on a daily basis, I basically block and tackle. It's my job to build key alliances to help move the Speaker's agenda forward," Derrick Dockery said.

He's been a staffer in Ryan's office for two years, working on everything from tax reform to school choice.

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Dockery was a third-round draft pick out of Texas and wound up seeing stints with the Washington Redskins, Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys over a 10-year career. His last season was in 2012.

He said he didn't care about politics until two of his Bills teammates pulled him into their conversations, and the lineman started thinking about how much he had to pay in taxes.

While playing for the Redskins, Dockery, 37, made the contacts that helped him into this next part of his life. He interned in the offseason in Ryan's office when the now-Speaker of the House was chairman of the House Budget Committee.

"I enjoy getting up every day and having a purpose. I'm not at home trying to figure out what's next. I enjoy working with people. I enjoy being a part of a team. That's the main thing, being a part of the team," he said.

Wallace asked Dockery, as a former NFL player himself, what he thought of current players taking a knee during the national anthem. The issue took on a renewed political charge in 2017 when President Donald Trump said players who did that should be kicked off their teams.

Dockery said inequities in the criminal justice system should be addressed, but he is uncomfortable with the national anthem being used as a protest.

The program also promoted Dockery's nonprofit, Yellow Ribbons United, which assists veterans and the families of those killed in action. His wife's brother was killed in action in Afghanistan.