Freudian Slip: Carville Mistakenly Calls Bill Clinton a ‘Net Liability’

• January 4, 2016 8:19 pm


Longtime Clinton ally James Carville mistakenly called President Bill Clinton’s emerging presence in the 2016 primary race a "net liability" for his wife’s campaign presidential campaign.

Co-host John Heilemann asked Carville a simple question: Was Bill Clinton a net liability or a net asset during Hillary Clinton’s previous presidential run in 2008?

"I think this time he is going to be a net liability," Carville said. "If there’s anything, he’s more popular. I think he’s going to be a good surrogate."

Mark Halperin immediately called out Carville, referring to the remark as a Freudian slip. Heilemann also gave him a hard time by saying he offered only a "semi-honest" answer.

The issue was brought up because the Clinton campaign is rolling out the candidate’s spouse at the same time Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has attacked the Clintons for Bill’s sexual promiscuity.

For the first time, Bill Clinton went solo on the campaign trail to stump for Hillary, something he did for her with mixed results in the 2008 cycle.

Clinton became unhinged at certain times during his wife’s unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2008. He referred to then Sen. Obama’s campaign as the "biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen." His off-the-cuff comments often put the Clinton campaign on the defensive, attempting to explain away the remarks of their chief surrogate.

After losing to Obama in the South Carolina primary, Clinton pointed to the fact that Jesse Jackson won the state twice before. The statement once again threw "Bubba" into hot water. Clinton alienated the African-American community and was largely trashed by media.

The 42nd president was thrown off guard by a question regarding his past infidelities and issues with women. After stammering for a few seconds, Clinton responded by ducking the question and stating, "The Republicans have to decide who they want to nominate."

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