Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Joins the Atlantic, ABC News

Rahm Emanuel / Getty Images
Rahm Emanuel / Getty Images

Former Democratic Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has found a new role as a contributor to two major media outlets.

Emanuel's last day in office was Monday, but only a day later the former White House chief of staff has already found roles at the Atlantic and ABC News.

"Former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is joining The Atlantic as a contributing editor, where he’ll write for the Ideas section," Politico's Michael Calderone was the first to report. "Emanuel has written several times for The Atlantic in recent months, including on ‘what the press is missing about Pete Buttigieg.'"

Emanuel's first piece for the magazine argued that Democrats should seize upon populist anger at elites in 2020 the way Trump had in 2016, writing, "if Democrats want to address simmering middle-class anger, they need to deliver justice."

Later that day, the Daily Beast reported that Emanuel will also be joining ABC News as a political analyst, appearing primarily on Good Morning America. According to their sources, Emanuel was in talks with both MSNBC and CNN before landing at ABC.

Emanuel is a controversial figure both within his own party and in Chicago. The two-term mayor had to bow out of his 2019 re-election bid amid low approval ratings driven by his handling of the investigation into the police shooting of young black man Laquan McDonald.