Former Canadian PM Apologizes for 'Rooting' for Hurricane to Hit Mar-a-Lago

Told those offended to 'Get a grip!'

Mar-a-Lago / Getty Images
August 30, 2019

Former Canadian prime minister Kim Campbell apologized Friday for a tweet that made light of Hurricane Dorian and expressed hope that it would hit President Donald Trump's Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida.

On Wednesday, Florida governor Ron DeSantis issued a state of emergency in anticipation of Hurricane Dorian, which is expected to make landfall early next week. The hurricane is currently projected to reach Category 4 status and speeds of 140 mph, making it the strongest storm to hit the peninsula since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

But in response to one tweet warning Floridians to prepare, Campbell, the former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party, tweeted "I’m rooting for a direct hit on Mar a Lago [sic]!"

Campbell's tweet was promptly criticized "What the heck is wrong with you," asked one user. "There are real people who live and work there."

But the former prime minister was defiant, insisting that she was making a point about climate change and telling that user "sorry you don't get snark" and "Get a grip!"

Campbell continued to tweet Thursday, saying, "I know Palm Beach well and am sorry if it gets a big hit," but joking, "Well, we will see if Mrs. Post's design can stand up to the assault," an allusion to cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post, the first owner of Mar-A-Lago.

On Friday, Campbell apologized and deleted her original tweet while leaving up the others.

"I have deleted my tweet about the hurricane & Mar a Lago [sic] and sincerely apologize to all it offended," she tweeted. "It was intended as sarcasm- not a serious wish of harm. Throwaway lines get a life of their own on Twitter. I [should] know better. Mea culpa."

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