Fmr Sec. of Defense Robert Gates Has Advice for Trump on How to Fix ‘Red Tape of Bureaucracy’

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, in an Axios video posted on Tuesday, offers his advice for President Donald Trump on burdensome regulations.

"Bureaucracies have become the enemy," Gates says in the beginning of the video.

"Everyday is an experience in frustration because how hard the institutions, that are supposed to help people, actually make their lives," he says.

Gates explains that he made the mistake of acting like he had all the answers when he told the Central Intelligence Agency what they were doing wrong and how he would fix the issues when he first arrived. This ended up ostracizing those he needed to work with.

Gates believes Trump should work with the establishment.

"Figure out a way to make them your ally, not your antagonist," he says. "The key is making them believe that the changes are their changes."

The longtime government official has served as the director of the Central Intelligence Agency and as the Secretary of Defense.