Flashback: Clinton Claims She ‘Actually Meets Real People’

• November 30, 2015 9:52 pm


Hillary Clinton boasted of the "everyday Americans" she has met on the campaign trail during a fundraiser in Washington D.C. Monday night.

"I actually meet real people," Clinton said to a crowd of women, insinuating her Republican rivals do not listen to American voters. "I’ve actually had some real conversations."

Her comments prompted America Rising Super PAC to respond with a video highlighting an embarrassing story of the Clinton campaign vetting and driving over "ordinary Americans" during her listening tour at the beginning of her presidential campaign.

The Daily Mail had the story:

"Austin Bird sat for coffee on Tuesday morning in the town of LeClaire, Iowa, chatting with Hillary Clinton as photographers snapped pictures. News reports called him a ‘student' and her campaign called it an unscripted event. But Clinton's Iowa political director Troy Price drove Bird and two other people to the coffee house. Bird is a hospital government relations official who interned with Barack Obama's 2012 presidential campaign. The Iowa Democratic Party, which Price ran until a month ago, tasked him to be Joe Biden's driver during an October Senate campaign trip in Davenport."

The incident only fed the narrative that Clinton’s campaign is overly cautious and calculated, reflecting the candidate. Rather than offer the unscripted moment the campaign was hoping for, Clinton was portrayed as an inauthentic person.

The Morning Joe panel mocked the Clinton campaign's blunder back in April.

"It’s the Matrix! It’s the Matrix!" Scarborough said, laughing at details of the story.

Clinton received the endorsement of 13 out of 14 Democratic female senators during an event Monday. The only senator of that group not to endorse Clinton is Elizabeth Warren.

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