Elizabeth Warren Won’t Answer Any Questions in CBS Interview

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) dodged questions repeatedly during an interview on CBS This Morning on Thursday, actually getting called out on the hosts on several occasions for not answering directly.

She would not answer questions regarding whether she supports President Obama's nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, whether Hillary Clinton should release transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street firms and whether Clinton and the Democratic party had become more liberal in recent years.

The first dodge came from the first question when Charlie Rose asked Warren about Garland's nomination.

"Are you enthusiastic in your support of Judge Garland?" Rose asked.

"You know, the way I think of this, filling a Supreme Court vacancy is one of the most solemn tasks undertaken by this government," Warren said.

Warren continued to push for hearings in the Senate. However, she didn't speak about Garland himself at all during her response. Rose repeated the question.

"With respect Senator, the question I asked was ‘Will you support Judge Garland?’" Rose said.

"But that's the whole point right now is that we want Judge Garland to come over. I want to meet with him. I want to look at his credentials. I want to see him perform in a hearing and then I want to be able to have a vote on him," Warren said.

Warren's next dodge came when Norah O'Donnell asked if Clinton should release transcripts from her speeches to Wall Street firms, such as the three for Goldman Sachs for which she was paid $675,000. Republicans are not the only ones calling for the transcripts. Clinton's primary opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) has repeatedly said she should release them as well.

"Do you believe that Senator Clinton should release the transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs?" O'Donnell asked.

"Look, I think that our candidates are out doing what they should do in a primary. They are debating the issues, and they answer for themselves," Warren said.

"You're not answering my question, Senator," O'Donnell said.

"What I'm doing is I'm telling you what I think should be going on right now in this election, in this primary," Warren said.

"It's a yes or no question. It's a yes or no question. Should she release the transcripts or not?" O'Donnell asked.

"What I told you is I think that the primaries are doing exactly what they should be doing, and the candidates are being tested," Warren said.

That response appeared to elicit a slight chuckle out of Rose.

Warren wasn't finished dodging questions.

Instead of answering about whether she would endorse a presidential candidate, or when she would, Warren finally ended up talking about the Republican candidates.

"They're doing some kind of reality show. We're out here trying to talk about the issues that affect American people," Warren said.

"And so are we," Rose said. "And when one of the questions that's being raised, has the Democratic Party and has Secretary Clinton moved from being a ‘Clinton Democrat’ to a ‘Warren Democrat?’"

"What our candidates have told us is what they will stand for as President of the United States, and both of them-" Warren said.

"Is it moving to the left?" Rose said.

"I think what it is is moving to where America is," Warren said.