DNC Delegate Isn’t Voting for Clinton in November Because She Lied About Her Email Server


A delegate to the Democratic National Convention said Tuesday that he would not vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election because she lied about her email server.

"As far as president, I will not be voting for Hillary Clinton," the delegate told ABC reporter Jonathan Karl in Philadelphia.

"You are a delegate to the Democratic National Convention and you are not going to be voting for Hillary Clinton. Why?" Karl asked.

"Well, it’s really just as simple as I feel as if she hasn’t been honest with us, and the fact of the matter is, she said for over a year there [was] no classified information sent or received on her private email server, and the FBI said that’s not true," the delegate said.

"She wouldn’t even call it an investigation. She called it a security review," he continued. "If she’s not even going to be honest about the nature of that investigation, what else can we expect? I have no love for [Donald] Trump, but I also have no love for Hillary."

Clinton has stated repeatedly that she never sent nor received classified material over her private server at the State Department, which the FBI refuted. Clinton also insisted on calling the federal investigation into her server a "security review," although the FBI stated it was a criminal investigation of her conduct and handling of classified material.

Clinton’s name was booed repeatedly on the first day of the Democratic National Convention by supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), who finished runner-up to her in a contentious Democratic primary.

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