Democrat Freaks Out About Camera Being at Public Event

Joe Hubbard gets personal with tracker, takes pictures of ID, license plates

Joe Hubbard
Joe Hubbard / AP
August 26, 2014

Democratic nominee for Alabama Attorney General Joe Hubbard said a cameraman being at a public event was a "dirty trick," and proceeded to take pictures of the man’s ID and license plate.

Hubbard spoke at an event at the Recreation Hall in Pell City, Ala., on Aug. 14, which was attended by a tracker from the America Rising PAC. According to, after Democrats failed in convincing the cameraman to leave, Hubbard’s campaign took pictures of him, his identification, and his car.

Hubbard, a state representative, then took to Facebook, Twitter, and the media to decry the "dirty trick" of having his remarks recorded.

"[Republican Attorney General] Luther [Strange] caught red-handed using dirty tricks to start his smear campaign," he posted on Facebook. "He can't hide his pitiful record behind cheap attacks on me and my family.‪ #‎WheresLuther."

Hubbard then posted the tracker’s picture on Twitter, saying, "dirty tricks have to wait." He also tweeted a picture of the 25-year-old tracker’s LinkedIn profile.

The Democrat accused his Republican opponent, current Attorney General Luther Strange of hiring the cameraman.

"Hubbard is convinced that America Rising PAC has been put up to tracking him and Parker Griffith by the Republican Attorneys General Association, or RAGA," AL.comreported. "Strange serves on the executive committee of the national group, which seeks to elect Republicans to offices of the attorneys general across the nation."

"America Rising and RAGA use the same people, the same PACs, and the same money," Hubbard told the paper. "America Rising is a subsidiary of RAGA."

Strange’s campaign denied they were involved.

Trackers are widely used by both political parties during campaigns, though they typically do not receive so much personal attention from a candidate.

The Over the Mountain Democrats, a local Alabama Democratic organization, followed Hubbard’s lead, telling their supporters to "keep your eyes peeled" for the tracker. "We'll post some more photos of the guy in a later post," the group wrote on Facebook.

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